Helping the way people claim on insurance

UX Design + Design System

I joined the MLC Life Insurance team at a really exciting time where we had numerous projects spanning across the small, yet highly efficient UX squad. Below are the two major projects I worked on.

Member Engagement Campaigns

This project involved breaking down complex information in order to assist customers through their journey with life insurance inside their super. An outdated, jargon-heavy, paper form was transformed into a digital journey that allowed customers to understand their options, and feel supported through their personal experiences. I used Webflow to build and deploy numerous campaigns and digital forms.

• Internal stakeholder discussions

• User interviews

• Prototype testing and iterations

• External partnership working sessions

• Journey mapping and user flows

• Exploration of development tools/platforms

• Development and deployment using Webflow

White Label Platform

A complete overhaul and redesign of our customer platform called “Lifeview” used by over 100,000 customers across Australia. This platform allows customers to manage all aspects of their insurance, as well as educate customers on their options and communicate the value offerings of the company.

• Existing product analysis

• Product testing with existing clients

• Information architecture

• Prototyping

• Responsive design for desktop, mobile and tablet

• Site mapping

• User flows

Research and discovery

Due to covid restrictions, I ran all of our user testing sessions virtually. User testing was conducted prior to deployment of new or updated products and generally tested with approximately 10 participants. Some user testing was structured in a way where we asked participants to complete certain tasks and give them a ranking of the ease of completion, other times it was less structured and we allowed the participant to lead the way.

An important part of my research was understanding where we sat in the market, the direction the market was heading in, and what consumers really wanted. When developing the white label platform and member engagement campaigns, I look beyond direct competitors to understand how we could stand out in the market and become known as Australia’s leading life insurer.

Rapid prototyping

This is an overview of one of the most complex prototypes I built. Due to the size of the company, as well as the need to regularly run internal and external stakeholders through prototypes, I developed the skill to prototype anything in a short time frame. Leveraging my design system helped to build and prototype rapidly

Design systems

When I joined the team at MLC, there was no existing design system. I built and maintained the above system which was then utilized in all projects to reduce the time required to design and build, as well as establish consistency across the organization. The design system also aided those not familiar with Figma to use basic Figma functionality while relying on components from the design system.

User flows & journey mapping

Insurance can be an incredibly complex and tough experience to navigate. I used journey maps prior to jumping into initial design work to really break down the journey we wanted our customers to go on, and map out the various paths and opportunities. Journey mapping helped to highlight where gaps were in our current products, and how we could improve.

Webflow delivery

Whilst we had a team of engineers available to build and deliver projects, often we were pumping out work too quickly for them to keep up. Wanting to ensure projects weren’t slowed down due to resourcing capacities, I taught myself to build using Webflow and delivered one of the member engagement campaigns in less than 4 weeks.