Deploying a whitelabel solution

UX/UI Design

An award-winning online claim journey was created in response to a rapdily changing insurance industry in Australia. The creation of a purely digital experience, empowered customers to make a claim using their life insurance during the most challenging time in their life.

• Virtual user testing sessions

• Customer research

• Journey maps

• Wireframing

• Pixel-perfect designs for developers

• Prototyping

• Responsive design for desktop, mobile & tablet

• Agile design and prioritization for MVP delivery

• A/B testing

My process

I followed the below process for each project, allowing me to be guided by the natural ebbs and flows of the double diamond.

Journey mapping

This project involved B2B and B2C delivery, so understanding how the different customers were interacting was at the center of this project. Numerous user flows and journey maps were created prior to ideating & designing in order to ensure all customers had a tailored experience.

Virtual user testing

This project was research-heavy. I conducted 3 rounds of virtual testing, collating feedback and responses each round, iterating, and retesting.

A/B testing

Comparing two designs to seek out common trends, preferences and information architecture understanding


With each round of testing, we change the prototyping to test different elements of the product. This meant quick prototyping to keep up with the agile environment.

Responsive design

Catering to customers across all devices, I created breakpoints for each type of device. These were tested with our engineers, and brought back to me for feedback, ensuring all devices would have seamless experiences.

Design systems & customization

Using our own design system together with Qantas and Vision Super’s brand guidelines, I delivered customized platforms that easily slotted into their existing systems.