Hey, i'm Ellie
and i'm a
Product designer

Based in New York City, I'm an Aussie bred designer who crafts human-centered experiences that are both intuitive and delightful to use.

I'm currently showcasing my expertise working at Neiman Marcus Group.

design systems

I spearheaded the development and upkeep of design systems at both Neiman Marcus and MLC Life Insurance. My keen attention to detail enabled me to create design systems that were user-friendly and easy to maintain. Additionally, I played a crucial role in educating colleagues on the advantages and significance of a well-structured and optimized design system.

About me

A couple of years ago, I took a leap of faith and relocated from Australia to New York City 🇦🇺🇺🇸.

As a passionate UX/UI designer with over three years of diverse industry experience, I thrive in the exploration and conceptualization phases of design. My expertise covers the entire design lifecycle, from project initiation and comprehensive UX research to prototype creation and smooth developer handoffs.

I stay current with product design trends, continually seeking new plugins to streamline workflows, and actively participate in industry livestreams to stay ahead of emerging trends.

Being dubbed "the workhorse"I take great pride in my work ethic and knack for managing multiple projects while consistently delivering top-notch quality.

And outside of work:

You’ll find me on the ⛷️  searching for the most challenging slope to hit, or you'll find me head deep in my newest non-fiction 📚  of the month (highly recommend Your Table is Ready by Michael Cecchi-Azzolina).

And if i'm not doing either of those, you'll spot me waiting in line for an hour to try a new bakery and provide a detailed review of all the 🥐